“Fast and No Free Product”

Whitehead E. S. recently assisted a small family business in Dallas with the successful regulatory closure through the TCEQ Petroleum Storage Tank (PST) Division.  The family owned and operated a small convenience store with fueling services but could not sell the property to an interested buyer since the Site was in the TCEQ Leaking PST (LPST) program.

In an initial assessment by another consultant, free product was observed in the tank pit.  Whitehead E. S. was contracted by the family to assist with the LPST case and find a way to close the case and get the property sold.  Whitehead E. S. worked closely with the TCEQ case coordinator to develop a monitoring strategy to evaluate the free product issue, but also show that the water was limited to the tank pit and not groundwater (perched water in the tank pit surrounded by competent Austin Chalk). Several rounds of sampling indicated that no free product was present and the TCEQ issued the No Further Action letter to the responsible party within 6 months of starting the project. As a result of our work, the family successfully sold their property and got the financial help they needed.


people at a gun range loading their equipment

“Ready, Aim, Fire”

Whitehead E. S. assisted a gun range near San Antonio receive closure through the TCEQ Corrective Action Program. After the gun range was decommissioned in

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