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Environmental Consulting Services in Dallas & Plano

At our environmental consulting firm in the Dallas area, we specialize in providing expert guidance for real estate transactions. Our experienced consultants understand the soil, groundwater, and air quality challenges associated with this region and are well-versed in all state and Federal regulations that apply to property deals. We offer cost-effective services tailored to your needs; therefore, whether you’re buying or selling a property, you can be confident that you have all the information required to make an informed decision. Plus, with our reliable service delivery system, you can count on us to help protect and preserve the environment while still pursuing your own goals. Reach out today and see why so many people trust us for their environmental consulting needs!

Whitehead E. S. is an environmental consulting firm specializing in Environmental Due Diligence for Real Estate deals.  We provide Fast Turn Phase I ESAs and Phase II investigations with a focus on practical solutions to buying and selling properties.  Our goal is to properly evaluate potential environmental impacts.  In regard to sellers, our goal is to address potential environmental concerns buyers may prior to making an offer.  For buyers, we identify environmental issues that could reduce the value of the property and make it difficult to get a loan.  For cash buyers, our assessments are focused on environmental concerns that impact value because the “buyer today will be a seller tomorrow”.   

    Uncovering issues before you buy is always cheaper than cleaning up a problem later. The ESA can protect you from making a costly mistake. You buy the property, and you own the environmental due diligence as well.

    If a site has an environmental issue, sampling from Whitehead E.S. will determine the scope of the problem, and we’ll provide a solution to you asap!

    With extensive experience in clean-ups and closures in Texas, we have access to a vast network of contractors and can assist you with every step of the remediation process.

    Our experience with contaminated properties and TCEQ regulations means we’re the client advocate who will expertly guide you from inspection all the way to closure.

    We work as your advocate to solve environmental issues to industrial facilities and oil & gas production sites.

    Questions about environmental services, or need a second opinion on strategies and cleanup costs? Call us today!

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