Whitehead Environmental Solutions specializes in environmental due diligence and consulting services for Texas properties in Dallas, Fort Worth and surrounding areas.


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Whitehead Environmental Solutions (Whitehead E. S.) is a Plano-based environmental consulting firm serving the Dallas and Fort Worth areas.  Whitehead E. S. specializes in environmental due diligence services for Texas properties, including Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs), Phase II Investigations, remediation, and regulatory closure primarily through Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) remediation programs.

We have worked on numerous property deals, especially urban areas and contaminated properties such as service stations, dry cleaners, auto repair, and industrial facilities. Many of these properties were cleaned up, closed through TCEQ, and re-developed. Whitehead E. S. can expertly navigate you through key TCEQ programs like Voluntary Cleanup Program (VCP), Innocent Owner/Operator Program (IOP), Corrective Action Program, and Municipal Setting Designation (MSD).

Whitehead E. S. is experienced in assessment of properties, collection/evaluation of sample data, finding regulatory solutions, and working with TCEQ staff and managers to complete the closure process. The founder of Whitehead E. S., Michael Whitehead, has worked to successfully close over 125 remediation program cases.

If you are looking for a consultant that turns projects quickly, knows how to assess data, determines key issues, finds cost-effective solutions, and effectively works with TCEQ, please contact us. Let us be “Your Solution to Pollution.”

Our Team

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Michael Whitehead


Michael has a master’s degree in soil science from the University of Florida and more than 25 years of professional experience working as an environmental consultant in Boston and Dallas.  He has worked in various roles as a consultant and business owner.

His expertise includes Phase I ESAsPhase II site investigationsremediation of contaminated sites, risk-based remedies, and closure of contaminated sites. Michael has successfully re-mediated/closed contaminated properties through Texas regulatory programs such as Superfund, VCP, IOP, Corrective Action, and DCRP (application and working knowledge). He has personally worked on and closed more than 100 Texas Risk Reduction Program (TRRP) cases.  He also has used the Municipal Setting Designation (MSD) in several Texas cities as a risk-based option to address contaminated sites, especially properties impacted from chlorinated solvents and metals.

Michael has worked on a broad range of projects in the region, including dry cleaners and shopping centers, service stations (LPST cases), Superfund projects in Texas and the northeast, West Dallas Superfund (EPA and TCEQ), battery manufacturing facilities, former Poly-cycle Industrial facility (battery wastes), Phelps Dodge refinery in El Paso, General Cable facilities in Texas, former chemical facility in Farmers Branch, PEMEX facilities in Mexico, semiconductor facilities, Transco/Williams Schlumberger, and oil & gas leases.  With many of these projects, Michael has worked together with the client’s legal counsel to successfully complete projects.

Michael has an excellent working knowledge of TRRP and a great track record with TCEQ case coordinators and managers. This experience has been helpful in working as an advocate for Whitehead E.S.’s clients to get sites closed. He speaks regularly at the Plano Champions Real Estate school in Dallas and Fort Worth and discusses solutions for buying and selling contaminated properties.

Michael is married, has two adult children, and remains active in gardening, exercising, and playing basketball.

Fred Nawrocki

Fred is a licensed Professional Geoscientist with a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Michigan – Ann Arbor and a Master of Science degree from Baylor University. Since 1995, Fred has performed technical and managerial tasks as a multi-disciplinary environmental consultant based in Texas and Nevada. In various roles, he has conducted tasks as a technical resource, subject-matter expert, and project and office manager. Fred currently manages the company’s operations in Fort Worth.

His expertise includes Phase II site investigations, hydrogeologic characterization, groundwater flow and contaminant transport, and remediation and closure of contaminated sites. Fred has successfully assessed, remediated and closed affected properties through various regulatory programs administered by the TCEQ and Railroad Commission of Texas (RRC).  These have included the VCP, TRRP, Industrial and Hazardous Waste Corrective Action, Petroleum Storage Tank (PST), MSD, Operator Cleanup Program (OCP), IOP and Risk Reduction Rules (RRR).

Fred has worked on numerous and diverse environmental and engineering projects.  These have included assessment and remediation at large commercial and industrial properties and RCRA-permitted facilities; LPST sites; Oil and Natural Gas E&P (upstream and midstream) sites; sites affected by chlorinated solvents, metals, aromatic compounds, and radionuclides.

Fred has an excellent working knowledge of Texas regulations and technical protocol for completing assessment and remediation tasks. As an avid client advocate, his knowledge, skills and abilities have facilitated the closure of contaminated properties.

Fred is married and has four children. He is active in coaching youth sports (go Aledo Bearcats) and “tries” to exercise whenever time allows.

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