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Doing Good Things in Tough Times

While doing a routine check of our office property in Plano, we came across an unexpected visitor behind our storage shed. A lost dog had wandered onto the Whitehead E. S. office property and was visibly very scared. Mikaela Brown, a new Whitehead E. S. employee, gave her some cheese and water to try to coax her out of her hiding spot, but she was unwilling.  Mikaela got close enough to catch a glimpse of her collar which included her owner’s contact information and her name, Lyla.

Mikaela called the owners immediately and they rushed as quickly as they could to the office. As soon as the owners got out of their car and Lyla heard their voices, she jumped up and ran to them. The owners were in tears and informed us that she had been missing for five days after dropping her off at a local vet.  Thankfully, Mikaela was in right place at the right time to reunite Lyla with her family.

With the challenges of Covid-19 to our lives and businesses, it’s nice to find some happy moments!


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