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Economic Recovery from COVID-19: Whitehead E.S. is Ready to Help

COVID-19 certainly impacted the U. S. economy and especially the real estate market over the last few months.  As the state of Texas slowly opens up, we’re hopeful that more and more real estate deals will get going again. 

Over the last few months, we have conducted a few Phase I ESAs, but not at the pace prior to the pandemic.  For us, the number of Phase I ESAs is usually a good indicator of the market. Certainly most of us are eager to buy, sell, and lend again.

As we move forward, Whitehead E. S. is ready to respond quickly to your requests and provide expert assistance on environmental due diligence at a fair cost and rapid turn-around. In regards to properties that may have environmental issues such as gasoline stations and dry cleaners, we can help you understand the potential risks and costs to make these deals happen. Feel free to call me personally to discuss.

Michael Whitehead
Owner, Whitehead Environmental Solutions, LLC


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