Experienced Environmental Consultants for Phase I ESA’s in Dallas and Fort Worth

If you’re buying or selling commercial real estate, you need a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment as part of the transaction. A Phase 1 ESA determines whether a property’s current or historical use has contaminated the soil or groundwater in a way that would damage the environment or create a health risk.  These issues influence property values and impact an owner’s liability — so take this step seriously.

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When it comes to something as important as your Phase I ESA, look to Whitehead E. S. for senior-level expertise and decades of experience in environmental due diligence of real estate and industrial properties.

Experienced, skilled, knowledgable – and fast.  These are the qualities you’re seeking in an environmental consulting firm for Phase I ESA’s.

Our Phase 1’s are performed in accordance with ASTM 1527-13 guidelines and U. S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) All Appropriate Inquiry (AAI) regulations.

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In the event a Phase II Assessment is indicated, Whitehead E. S. can swiftly provide this service, including remediation and closure of sites that require it.

At the request of the buyer or lender, Whitehead E. S. also can perform a transaction screen or regulatory database review. These are a lesser scope of work and do not satisfy the requirements of EPA’s AAI.

Two-Week Turnaround on Phase I ESA’s:

Based on our experience with numerous Phase I ESAs, a key issue is defining what is or is not a Recognized Environmental Condition (REC) and/or Vapor Encroachment Condition (VEC).

If a REC and/or VEC is identified, the environmental professional will need to determine if further file review and/or sampling (e. g., Phase II Investigation) is needed to complete the assessment.

In the case of a VEC, the sampling may be limited to soil gas and in some cases indoor air.

Our Phase I ESAs are conducted by experienced professionals and reviewed by senior staff on a standard turn-around time of two weeks.

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