General Consulting Services

Whitehead E.S. can provide you with the following general environmental consulting services:

  • Respond to general environmental questions on real estate properties and industrial facilities.
  • Obtain and provide summaries of TCEQ regulatory files. In some cases, this data can augment or be used in lieu of Phase II sampling.
  • Review and provide summaries of Phase I ESAs and Phase II Investigations performed by other consultants.
  • Provide a second opinion on strategies and related cost estimates for remediation/regulatory closure. In many cases, we can provide a more cost-effective strategy to cleanup and close the Site.
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Whitehead Environmental Solutions (Whitehead E. S.) is a Plano, Texas based consulting firm that specializes in environmental due diligence services for Texas properties. Whitehead E. S. services include Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs), Phase II Investigations, remediation, and regulatory closure primarily through Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) remediation programs.

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